Out of Bounds Freedom of Expression Shelita Birchett Benash Curator Blue Door Art Center and Gallery 2015

Curatorial Statement by Shelita Birchett Benash


“I always wanted to be free.”~ Thorton Dial

Out of Bounds: Freedom of Expression is an international all-media exploration of how deep creativity and fearlessness push artists outside the lines of traditional methods, applications and ways of seeing. The featured media are emblematic expressions of the untethered spirit that knows no limits. Out of Bounds seizes upon that symbiotic dialogue between viewer and artwork. And through social media’s real-time connectivity; the artist also becomes part of the conversation. With this action, the exhibition will attempt to break out of the static material gallery space; onto virtual platforms. By using various 21st century technological modes of direct communication; this exhibition serves as a fluid work-in-progress exposing the featured artists to the viewer’s gaze and gallery experience. Out of Bounds seeks to facilitate perspective cross-connections that forge new and significant links between viewers and artists, while revealing art’s value as a participatory culture and meaningful place maker. The interactive nature of the exhibition gives viewers the ability to openly engage with the artists as they consider the artworks, the power of personal narrative and unfettered creativity.

“Out of Bounds: Freedom of Expression” has a corresponding Facebook page, Tumblr blog and Twitter account where viewers are encouraged to actively participate digitally with the artists. QR codes inside the exhibition also take visitors directly to Vimeo.com, where they can watch short films and videos by the “Out of Bounds” digital storytellers.


Don’t wear beige, it might kill you!
— Sue Kreitzman
Sue Kreitzman Out of Bounds Freedom of Expression Shelita Birchett Benash Curator, 2015
© Online Arts & Culture Show: Produced and hosted by Jere Edmonds

© Online Arts & Culture Show: Produced and hosted by Jere Edmonds

©Marjorie Good, Kona, HI 2014. 

©Marjorie Good, Kona, HI 2014. 


Marjorie Good's underwater short Go-Pro videos are a meditation on seeing and being at one with the beauty that surrounds us.


Abstract Artist/Painter Anthony E. Boone Presents Art meets Fashion. Gallery with Fashion Designer Marco Hall. Newark NJ. Music by Pharrell Williams: Marilyn Monroe Edited by Angel Dustperado Cinematography DigitalBoy Filmworks / KEMotion Visuals

Anthony Boone

My artwork is deeply rooted in expressing my love for engaging with and creating beautiful and powerful pieces. Engaging in such a space, I create pieces in the spirit of free movement and energy. Often using indelible markings of scrapers, spoons, rocks, and wood stains, I paint collaboratively---open to not only, occurring and re-occurring emotions, but also the set of the canvas and the flowing of paint. In this way, I invite aspects of materials and life to show and share their journeys.

I am in awe of the talent and creativity that I have been able to assemble for the Out of Bounds: Freedom of Expression exhibition. Curating this show has pushed me out into the world in a bold new way. Had an inspirational conversation with Anthony Boone. Anthony, spoke about how his approach to the paint media changed when he verged into abstraction; risk-taking became an integral part of his artistic expression. He was no longer concerned about 'messing up.' 

visit boonartlife.com for more of Anthony's works. 


Julia Sisi

The Whispering Faces are whispering to us, talking about their life, telling their stories.
But it’s not a vocal whispering, it’s a visual whispering.
I just translate their voice into images over the paper. All around the faces, there are the things that surround us: the world, the reality, the life that cross around us, flowing like a river,
leaving their marks over our face/identity.
All of us, we have our life’s picture history
embedded in our skin.
Our whispering faces are our pictorial journals, tattooed with the radiant ink of time.
— http://www.juliasisi.com

I first encountered the work of Julia Sisi while visiting the home of Sue Kreitzman. Sue has on display some magnificently large portraits by Julia. I was transfixed by the compulsivity and lyrical beauty I saw in Julia's drawings. I wanted her work in this show! Curating the Out of Bounds exhibition has caused me to reach out in bold new ways. Just think, if I hadn't the courage to reach out to Sue Kreitzman, I might not have had the honor of seeing Julia's striking works. 

Visit Juliasisi.com


Earl Swanagan

©Rooster by Earl Swanagan, 2015. 

©Rooster by Earl Swanagan, 2015.