Museum Statement:
Please Touch! Sculpture Exhibition at the Monmouth Museum is a Main Gallery juried exhibition featuring wall and free standing sculpture that can be touched by visitors. This exhibition is intended to help visually-impaired people overcome the barrier they experience at most museums by allowing everyone to experience art by touching. Sighted people will also learn to experience art without relying on their eyesight in addition to a visual artistic experience.


Conjure   High Fire Ceramic Mixed Media Mosaic Sculpture by Shelita Birchett Benash 

Conjure High Fire Ceramic Mixed Media Mosaic Sculpture by Shelita Birchett Benash 

Helios Horse   Mixed Media Mosaic Sculpture by Shelita Birchett Benash 

Helios Horse Mixed Media Mosaic Sculpture by Shelita Birchett Benash 

Offering   High Fire Ceramic Mixed Media Sculpture by Shelita Birchett Benash 

Offering High Fire Ceramic Mixed Media Sculpture by Shelita Birchett Benash 

I am excited to have two of my mixed media mosaic sculptures and one of my ceramic mixed media sculptures chosen for the upcoming Monmouth Museum's Please Touch! Sculpture Exhibition opening on June 28, thru September 6, 2015.

My artwork centers on the visceral nature of gathering, wrapping, layering, breaking, forming and hand-piecing many elements to form a cohesive whole. Hand-crafting and hand-piecing is essential to building my mosaic and mixed media sculptures. Museum goers will have the opportunity to connect with my works through the powerful sense of touch. I find the concept compelling. This wonderfully progressive and inclusive Please Touch! exhibition will enable the visually impaired and the sighted to experience aspects of the kinetic and meditative energy that is imbued into my work. I am honored to have my sculptures chosen for such a wonderfully special  exhibition that will allow the museum visitors to connect with me, my artworks and my intentions on such an intimate level. This is my first exhibition with Monmouth Museum. I can't wait to visit. I look forward to what I will learn from this interactive and transcendent creative experience. Gratitude. 


"Starosaurus" WIP Glass mirror and stained glass mosaic WIP. Excited to be participating in the Stamford Downtown, Art in Public Spaces, "Dinosaurs Rule!" 2015. This show is sure to be a blast. There will be 40 fantastical dinosaurs on display in downtown Stamford. Stamford, CT is one city that truly supports the arts and artists. I'm Honored to be in the show. The exhibition opens June 10, 2015 thru September. The dinosaurs will be auctioned off for charity in October. My "Starosaurus" is sponsored by the Stamford Town Center. So excited. Now, back to work! 

Stegosaurus left side WIP
Dinosaur Right Side WIP
Stegosaurus Face WIP

Curatorial Statement by Shelita Birchett Benash

“I always wanted to be free.”~ Thorton Dial

Out of Bounds: Freedom of Expression is an international all media exploration of how deep creativity and fearlessness push artists outside the lines of traditional methods, applications and ways of seeing. The featured media are emblematic expressions of the untethered spirit that knows no limits.Out of Bounds seizes upon that symbiotic dialogue between viewer and artwork. And through social media’s real-time connectivity; the artist also becomes part of the conversation. With this action, the exhibition will attempt to break out of the static material gallery space; onto virtual platforms. By using various 21st century technological modes of direct communication; this exhibition serves as a fluid work-in-progress exposing the featured artists to the viewer’s gaze and gallery experience. Out of Bounds seeks to facilitate perspective cross-connections that forge new and significant links between viewers and artists, while revealing art’s value as a participatory culture and meaningful place maker. The interactive nature of the exhibition gives viewers the ability to openly engage with the artists as they consider the artworks, the power of personal narrative and unfettered creativity.

“Out of Bounds: Freedom of Expression” has a corresponding Facebook page, Tumblr blog and Twitter account where viewers are encouraged to actively participate digitally with the artists. QR codes inside the exhibition also take visitors directly to, where they can watch short films and videos by the “Out of Bounds” digital storytellers